Prices are determined on an individual basis, depending on the complexity of the cake.  A good estimate of the price can be made once you have figured out what you want the cake to look like and how many people you want it to feed. If you would like a quote, please send me an email with the number of guests the cake must accomodate, your budget and the theme of the celebration.

Many people want to know why “cakes are so expensive.” First of all, quality ingredients are not cheap.  Secondly, these cakes are handmade with expensive specialty cake decorating supplies; some sugar flowers take days to finish and hand-modeling figurines is complex and also time-consuming.  Thirdly, from start to finish it usually takes days to produce a tiered cake.  When you know that your cake is lovingly handmade with pride, it is worth every penny.

Here’s a guide to the minimum price for fondant cakes:

Wedding and Tiered Cakes

Wedding and tiered cakes start at $4.50 per serving.  The design and complexity will determine the final cost.


Delivery is only available on cakes over $150 and requires an additional charge, based on distance.