Ordering Information

It is best to give a minimum of four weeks notice for a cake order, but it is sometimes possible to fill an order with less notice. If you would like a quote, please email me with the number of guests the cake must accommodate, your budget and the theme of the celebration.

Ideas, photos and other inspirations are welcome, however, I will not copy other cake decorator’s designs.  Cake colours can usually be matched to wedding and party themes.

Ordering a cake

Depending on how many tiers the cake has, the number of flavour choices varies.  Please see below for a guideline.  The cost of one or two flavours is included in the price of the cake.  Three or more flavours incurs a fee of $10 per extra flavour.

Choices of flavours:
Single tier cakes – 1 flavour
Double tier – 2 flavours
Triple and higher tiered cakes – 3  or more flavours

Ordering cupcakes

Cupcakes may only be ordered by the dozen and depending on how many dozen are ordered, the number of flavour choices varies.

3 dozen or fewer cupcakes – 1 flavour
4 – 5 dozen cupcakes – 2 flavours
6 dozen cupcakes – 3 flavours

If you would like to request a quote, please send me an email at cedelaney@hotmail.com.
Please include the date for which you will need the cake.