Canadian Cake Decorator’s Guild

I attended my first meeting of the Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Cake Decorator’s Guild on Wednesday evening, meetings being held the first Wednesday of every month. The chapter now has about 10 members and the turnout on Wednesday was six enthusiastic cake decorators. Until recently I knew no one personally in Ottawa who decorated cakes and since my only cake-decorating friend, funnily enough, another Christie, lives near Baltimore, MD, I have been feeling starved for cake conversation (as if you couldn’t tell from my long blog posts). Luckily I have met a few more cake decorators through my blog and Facebook in recent months and it feels like spring has opened up a realm of new possibilities. Okay, enough with the mush.

Each meeting features a chosen topic for the first half of the meeting, which all guild chapters will discuss at their monthly meeting, and the second half of the meeting focuses on topics that members of that guild are interested in.

I really recommend to all you cake decorators out there, whether in Ottawa or somewhere else in our fine country, join the guild. If there isn’t a guild in your hometown, then inquire about starting one! The things I learned in the first meeting and the shared camaraderie of fellow cake artists was worth the $50 yearly membership. Plus, there is quite a list of places that accept the membership card for discounts. The possibilities of sharing and learning await you!

Lastly, just a short note to say that Melanie from Satin Ice is offering lower prices on some of her products. Also, until April 15, 2011, a 5% discount applies on Satin Ice fondant and gumpaste.