My First Blog Cake

This is my first cake since starting my blog. I hope it is obvious that it is a character cake. I have only done 2 character cakes and I try to avoid doing them generally. First of all, there is little creativity involved in the design, except as to how the heck to get the thing to look authentic, and second of all, there is a lot of work involved in getting that authentic look. The client was on a strict budget so I suggested a flat cake rather than a more authentic 3D version. I swear it probably took almost as much time. I will fully admit that I found the design on an obliging website because I could not imagine how to make a 1D Lightening McQueen on a cake without using an edible image or a Cricut Cake machine.

The cake itself is a Rich Chocolate Cake from Martha Stewart, layered with Swiss Meringue Buttercream and crushed Oreo cookies. The cake makes 8 cups of batter, which made 2 very thin 10″ layers, so I had to go back and make another half batch for a third thin layer, otherwise it would have been a measly cake at 2.5″ high. I covered the filled cake with the Swiss meringue buttercream and chilled it overnight before covering with coloured Satin Ice fondant.

Lightening McQueen was made using a template that I printed from a website and an exacto knife to cut out the pieces. The rest of the design I made by hand with the exacto knife, freestyling the mesas or mountains in the background (so now you know, despite a LQ-crazy nephew, I know very little about Cars). I dusted the mesas and rocks with petal dust for some depth. The message was made from sugar paste rolled out with a pasta machine at setting 2 and cut using FMM’s Upper Case Alphabet and Numbers Tappits set. I used the boy’s birthday year as LQ’s car number instead of the usual 95.

Since starting the blog exactly a month ago, I’ve learned a lot. As I’ve already mentioned, Satin Ice is now available in Ottawa, yay! Melanie is thinking of supplying Americolor, so if you’re interested, contact her to let her know and she will be more likely to take up the venture. I think I had gotten so discouraged with what Ottawa had to offer in cake supplies that I gave up on searching. Now I’ve discovered that there are some advanced courses being offered in Carleton Place, which is reasonably close to Ottawa. Jennifer Dontz is coming back to CP for her second course this May. Since I’ve already committed funds to going back to Flour Confections for the second course with James Roselle, I couldn’t even consider taking this class, unfortunately, so I’m not sure if there are even places left yet, but if you’re interested, check out

Since I receive Flour Confections’ newsletter, I got a sweet surprise in my inbox today. Shipping for $2 with a $22 purchase. I suggest joining supply company newsletters, it is worth it sometimes!

Happy Baking!