Satin Ice Comes to Ottawa

Fortunately I was mistaken about not being able to get Satin Ice in Ottawa. Since April 2010 there has been a Satin Ice distributor in Ottawa, working out of her own home, located in the South Keys area. Her name is Melanie and you can contact her at or find her on Facebook at SatinIce Ottawa. This is why I started the blog, in the hopes that I would be able to learn and share with other cake decorators. Luckily Melanie found my blog and contacted me to let me know the great news. Melanie says,

I generally have all the Satin Ice fondant and gumpaste in stock, with the exception of pastel colours. However, if ever you need pastels for a large cake, I can order them for you.
I am sending you my price list. All prices are taxes included–so no extra shipping fees, customs duties, etc. Generally, people call me and come by to pick up the fondant, but for large orders, I can deliver. Also, I offer a 5% discount on orders over 10kg.
I try to keep my prices competitive, and when you factor in shipping expenses, my prices are usually cheaper than ordering online. I tend to verify prices regularly, while taking into account my own costs. The more clients I get, the more fondant I can stock which can reduce my costs and my prices. 😉
I am situated near South Keys. I started selling Satin Ice last April because there was no distributor in Ottawa, and my cake decorating friends and I were fed up with that. I only accept cash for the moment. My business isn’t big enough to accept credit cards.

Great news, my cake decorating friends. I have tried several brands of fondant and I have found that Satin Ice tastes the best and is the most forgiving. It can be rolled very thin without tearing or cracking. Their gum paste makes it easy to make the petals of flowers very thin and delicate without ripping. Try it and I really don’t think that you will be disappointed!